• Ученість — солодкий плід гіркого коріння.

  • Доклади серця свого до навчання і вуха свої до розумних слів

  • Вчись не для того, щоб знати більше, а для того, щоб знати краще.

  • Важлива не кількість знань, а якість їх.

  • Є тільки одне благо - знання й тільки одне зло - неуцтво.

  • Єдиний шлях, що веде до знання, - це діяльність.

  • Бич людини - це уявлюване знання.

  • Знання - сила.

  • Знання - знаряддя, а не ціль.

  • Запам'ятовувати вміє той, хто вміє бути уважним.

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ITConnect-2021 - you can be successful at home!

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The open conference of IT-developers ITConnect-2021, which is determined at the regional level, took place on April 22. It was usually held at our Academy, but due to the pandemic it was held online for the first time.

The conference was organized by the IT Cluster Donbass Society, which aims to unite representatives of IT companies, local authorities and education for the development of the IT industry.

The topics of the conference were diverse: the development of modern industry, the impact of startups on the ecosystem and even the use of artificial intelligence in the real world.

The moderator of this conference was Ihor Dzerzhinsky - a student of the DSEA, a member of the Youth Council under the Executive Committee of the Kramatorsk City Council, a representative of the public organization "Perspective of Donetsk Region".

Among the speakers were teachers of the DSEA - the head of the Department of CIT Alexander Tarasov and Professor of CIT Pavlo Sagaida. The main topic of their report was the educational process, its provision, improvement plans and a report on the work done by the department. Read more about it below.

Improvement of the educational process of specialty 122 "Computer sciences" at the department of CIT DSEA

First of all, the educational program for 122 "Computer Science" at the Department of CIT includes the study of such areas as information technology, mechanical engineering, medicine and soft skills - a wide range of skills that will help professionals organize teamwork, negotiate and negotiate with colleagues, adapt to change.

So, recently the Academy pays a lot of attention to the development of the medical field and participates in the international scientific program BIOART, and the Academy has already held a seminar for freshmen. During the training, attention will be focused on the information support of implants, and not on the full production process. In turn, new disciplines have already been proposed for study from the 2019-2020 academic year. Thus, the Academy has made a big step in increasing the universality of knowledge, which will help future professionals in various fields.

Unfortunately, there is a significant limiter in the form of time, which does not allow to study all areas in full, so we have to choose the most promising areas, which is a non-trivial task for the authors of the curriculum. A credit system is used to regulate the time spent on each discipline.

It should be noted that the educational programs of the Academy meet international and national standards of computer science - this means that students receive world-class education. In addition, the Academy pays much attention to scientific activities and actively cooperates with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Of course, the training of specialists to solve practical problems, in particular in the IT sphere, remains a priority for the Academy. Biomechanics and bioelectronics laboratories, equipped with the latest devices, have significantly improved the material base and provided new learning opportunities. It is worth noting the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Mikhail Lobanov


PS You can learn more about the IT Cluster and find the full conference record on the official project page on Facebook

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