• Ученість — солодкий плід гіркого коріння.

  • Доклади серця свого до навчання і вуха свої до розумних слів

  • Вчись не для того, щоб знати більше, а для того, щоб знати краще.

  • Важлива не кількість знань, а якість їх.

  • Є тільки одне благо - знання й тільки одне зло - неуцтво.

  • Єдиний шлях, що веде до знання, - це діяльність.

  • Бич людини - це уявлюване знання.

  • Знання - сила.

  • Знання - знаряддя, а не ціль.

  • Запам'ятовувати вміє той, хто вміє бути уважним.

Донбаська державна
машинобудівна академія

Examination of National accreditation agency for quality assurance in higher education in "122 Computer science" educational program "Computer science in engineering, business and medicine" for the second (master's) level of higher


In the period from October 26 to October 28, 2020 inclusive, the expert group of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NA) conducted accreditation examination remotely (remotely) in the specialty "122 Computer Science" of the educational program "Computer Science in Technology , Business and Medicine "at the second (master's) level of higher education at the Donbass State Engineering Academy. Preparation for this educational program at the Department of CIT began in 2018, so during the public discussion of the draft program for 2020-2021, the department received many feedback from stakeholders and support the importance of special competencies and learning outcomes received by applicants. Accreditation was carried out in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (Regulations on the accreditation of educational programmes for which applicants for higher education are trained) and in accordance with the Provisional Procedure for the Conduct of Accreditation Examination using Video Communication Technology approved by Decision SA.

Based on the results of the expert work of the group and on the basis of the conclusion of the branch expert council "12 Information Technologies", on 15.12.20 at the meeting of the SA the results of accreditation were approved. Thus, applicants for the specialty "122 Computer Science" will continue to be able to study in the program, the focus of which is to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities that provide a more secure position for graduates in the labor market, through the application of computer science to real tasks and urgent needs of production and medical services.