• Ученість — солодкий плід гіркого коріння.

  • Доклади серця свого до навчання і вуха свої до розумних слів

  • Вчись не для того, щоб знати більше, а для того, щоб знати краще.

  • Важлива не кількість знань, а якість їх.

  • Є тільки одне благо - знання й тільки одне зло - неуцтво.

  • Єдиний шлях, що веде до знання, - це діяльність.

  • Бич людини - це уявлюване знання.

  • Знання - сила.

  • Знання - знаряддя, а не ціль.

  • Запам'ятовувати вміє той, хто вміє бути уважним.

Донбаська державна
машинобудівна академія

Eracmus+BioArt technical support

Creation of new laboratories for the BIOART project

In 2019, three laboratories with modern equipment were established at the CIT department and implemented:

  • Bioelectronics Laboratory (room 2218)
  • Biomechanics Laboratory (room 2209a)
  • Video recording studio for distance learning (room 2222)
Bioelectronics Laboratory

The Laboratory of Bioelectronics is equipped with modern samples of electrical equipment for the educational process and research on the setup and diagnostics of various electronic devices, boards, stands, peripherals and more. Funded by the ERASMUS + BIOART project, the RIGOL DS1054Z digital oscilloscope, the Masteram MR 3005 D-3 adjustable power supply and other equipment were purchased.

The Laboratory of Bioelectronics was opened at the Academy

The Laboratory of Bioelectronics

Equipment of the Bioelectronics Laboratory (room 2218)

N Name Quantity
1 Microscope digital Levenhuk D870T, trinocular (Type of nozzle - trinocular; optical material - optical glass; Angle of inclination - eyepiece nozzle 30 °; Magnification, multiplicity 40-2000; Diameter of eyepiece tube, mm 23,2) 1
2 Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DS1054Z (Bandwidth: 50 MHz .; 4 channels .; Real-time sampling rate: 1 Gwb / sec .; Depth of memory: 12 MB; 7-inch color LCD display .; Vertical sensitivity: 1 mV / del - 10 V / del) 1
3 Programmable power supply Masteram MR 3005 D-3 (3 channels: CH1: DC voltage: 0-30 V, DC: 0-6 A; CH2: constant voltage: 0-30 V: 0-30 V, DC: 0-6 A; CH3: constant voltage: 0-30 V: 2.5 / 3.3 / 5.0 V, DC: 0-3 A; Max power up to 195 watts; - 3.5-inch TFT display) 1
4 HTC VIVE PRO KIT Starter virtual reality helmet (Helmet. Compatibility - PC; Display - Dual AMOLED each of 3.5 in diagonal; Resolution - 1440 x 1600 per each eye (2880 x 1600 for both eyes); Update frequency - 90 Hz; Viewing angle - 110 degrees; Connection - Bluetooth, USB-C port for external devices; Sensors: SteamVR Tracking system, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, IPD sensor for adjusting interpupillary distance; Options: VIVE Pro Helmet, Link Box for VIVE Pro, Base stations - 2pcs, Controllers - 2pcs.) 1
5 Computer for virtual reality (INTEL Core TM i7 9700K processor (BX80684I79700K), Gigabyte Z390 D motherboard, Kingston 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2666 MHz NuregH Fugu White memory module, ATX case with support for 750W power supply (with Fan), Chiftec 750W Proton power supply (ВDF750 С), WD SSD Black M.21 TV drive, Western Digital Вlаск 2ТВ 7200rpm 64МВ WD2003FZЕХ3.5 SATA hard drive - 2 pcs., GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Ті Gaming ОС 11G(GV-N108ТGАМІNG ОС-11G) video card, CPU cooling (in case of its absence in the CPU kit), keyboard, mouse manipulator) 1
6 PMT-3 microhardness tester (PMT-P press; Set of weights in the PMT-P case; Ocular screw micrometer MOV-1-15x; Power supply 9V, 25W with a set; Inclined monocular nozzle; Vertical tube; Symmetrical ocular15x (eyepiece); Object micrometer OMO in the case; Epi lens F = 6.2; A = 0.65 in the case; Epi lens F = 23.2; A = 0.17 in the case; Diamond tip of NPM type in a case; Sample of rock salt; Disc; Prism for installation of cylindrical items; Nozzle cap; PH8-20-1 lamp (one in the device); Technical description and operating instructions for the PMT-3 microhardness tester; PMT-3 microhardness tester passport; Technical description and operating instructions for MOV-1-15x; Passport of the MOV-1-15x screw ocular micrometer; Passport of the power supply unit 9V, 25 W) 1
7 3D printer model Farm2 (Materials for printing - ABS plastic; HIPS plastic; PET plastic; PLA plastic; PVA plastic. Number of printheads 1; Surface modeling printing technology (FDM / FFF); Wi-Fi interfaces; Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm; Print speed 250.0; Print quality 50 microns | 150 microns | 200 microns | 300 microns | 25 microns | 100 microns | 250 microns) 1
8 XDG2100 signal generator (Channels - two; output frequency - 100 MHz; resolution - 0,1mV or 4 digits (amplitude> 1V: 1mV); type of modulation - AM, two-band AM, FM, FM, CHMN, Three-position CHMN, four-position CHMN, FMN, quadrature FMN, FMN-2, AMN, PWM, OSK, summarizes; Functions - frequency, period, pulse duration of positive / negative polarity, pulse filling factor of positive / negative polarity; overall dimensions - (340 * 177 * 90) mm, weight - 2,5 kg, delivery set - power cable, CD, operation manual, USB cable, Q9 cable) 1
9 Еlectronic equipment (Pulse Sensor heart rate sensor, FPM10A fingerprint scanner, Module for ECG recording AD 8232-Modul Lead Heart Rate Monitor, Temperature sensor module GY-906 MLX90614 (non-contact), Pulse sensor MAX 30102, VGA camera module - OV 7670 640 X 480 camera, TCS 230 color recognition sensor, The GY-21 module is a high-precision humidity and temperature sensor, Air quality sensor module MQ-135, The thermometer module is high-precision digital, BME 280 3.3V 12 C SPI sensor of atmospheric pressure of temperature and humidity, Vibration sensor module SW-420, Sound sensor (microphone) module for Arduino) 1 set

HTC VIVE PRO KIT Starter virtual reality helmet

Programmable power supply Masteram MR 3005 D-3 Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DS1054Z

3D printer model Farm2

Microscope digital Levenhuk D870T, trinocular

Computer for virtual reality

PMT-3 microhardness tester

Biomechanics laboratory

A laboratory of biomechanics has been established, which is equipped with modern research and production equipment and allows to conduct research on the use of modern computer information technologies in the field of mechanics, biomechanics and mechatronics.

New CNC equipment in the biomechanics laboratory

Master class for adjustment of the equipment and material`s testing of mechanical properties on the "ukrintech" company`s breaking machine with Erasmus+

The Laboratory of Biomechanics

Equipment of the Biomechanics Laboratory (room 2209а)

N Name Quantity
10 Software Dassault Systemes: SIMULIA Academic Research Suite (Software name 5TP-QRX PLC SIMULIA Academic Research Suite, 5TP-QRX ALC SIMULIA Academic Research Suite) 1
11 Desktop universal testing machine (UIT STM-10) ). (The UIT STM-10 Universal Tilting Machine provides a tensile test for cylindrical and flat samples in accordance with ISO 6892-84, GOST 1497-84, DSTU EN 10002-1: 2006; compression tests according to GOST 25.503. (The materials used for implants, sensors, medical instruments are subject of special requirements. Testing machine will provide a study of the basic mechanical characteristics of materials (objects) at different stages of the implants life cycle, as well as special tests of implants and explore the impact on them of operating conditions within the human body) 1
12 The machine with CAM milling and engraving on metal with the turning module in a set (Supply voltage 220 V, motor power of the main drive 0.6 kW, spindle speed range 70 - 2800 rpm, speed control - electronic, axial movement: H.IXIZ, - 220/127/159 mm, respectively. Internal spindle MK1, main drive motor power 0.6 kW, spindle speed range 70 - 2800 rpm, speed control - electronic, spindle bore diameter 10 mm, rear headstock quill stroke 45 mm, rear headstock quill cone - MK1, turning diameter over frame 180 mm, turning diameter above the transverse caliper 90 mm, the distance between the centers 430 mm, the course of the transverse caliper 110 mm) 1

Desktop universal testing machine (UIT STM-10)

The machine with CAM milling and engraving on metal with the turning module in a set

Video recording studio for distance learning

Under the conditions of quarantine restrictions, a Video recording studio was created to record lectures for distance learning.

Opening the distance learning audience

Equipment of the Distance learning studio (room 2222)

N Name Quantity
13 Interactive board with a projector for the learning process (The size of the active and projection part - 78", metallic construction, wear-resistant surface with a special coating, infrared touch technology with support for more than 10 touches, control by fingers and by any opaque object, high-precision touch recognition, multi-touch mode, data and power transmission via USB, software in the Ukrainian language, service life more than 7 years, certification in Ukraine) 1
14 Рhotographic equipment (Lamp for ELPLP41 projector (original compatible in the module), Lamp for ELPLP67 projector (original compatible in the module), Lamp for the BL-FU200D projector (original compatible in the module)) 1 set
15 Canon Eos V50 EF-M 15-45 IS STM Web Kit Black (15-45 IS STM lens, Canon DM-E100 stereo microphone, ACK -E12 Kit + DR-E12 DC Coupler network adapter , Micro USB cable 2 m, SD memory card 64GB, tripod 3 LEGGED THING Punks) 1 set
16 Microphones and speakers (Purpose - Studio, Connectors - XLR, Type - Condenser, Directivity - Supercardioid, Sensitivity - 39 dB, Weight - 320 g, Frequency range - 40 - 18000 Hz, Dimensions 54 x 170 mm, Impedance - 200 Ohm, Package - Microphone, Mount , Adapter, Case) (XLR inputs, 1AUX 1/4", 1 Line input 1/4", 1 Footswitch 1, Stereo input 2х1 / 4 "1, Outputs Headphone output 1/4" 2, Monitor output 1/4" 2, USB 1, Signal Processing, Effects Channel 1: Comp / EQ, Effect (SPX Reverb), Optional Compatibility: Windows 7 and above / Mac OS X 10.7 and above, iPad, Phantom Power: +48 V, General Power, 5 V, 500 mA, Power consumption: 2.5 W, Additional characteristics Stand adapter: BMS-10A, Dimensions 12.9 x 20.2 x 6.3 cm, Weight 0.8 kg, Type Passive, Number of channels 3, Analog View) 1 set
17 Foam rubber (Acoustic foam rubber is a soft foamed polyurethane, which has found application in the sound insulation field. The polymer vibrates under the influence of sound waves, absorbing their energy. As a result, the effect of "fluttering echo" is suppressed. The sound of musical instruments and voices acquires clarity and natural timbre. ease of installation. The panels are glued to any inner surface of the room; excellent soundproofing qualities of the material leave far behind "competitors" in this area; the material does not emit odors; in the shortest possible time, a studio of any size can be finished with acoustic foam panels; after mechanical action, the foam rubber instantly restores its shape; a variety of colors and shapes of foam rubber allows you to create an aesthetically attractive studio interior) 1 set

Canon Eos V50 EF-M 15-45 IS STM Web Kit Black

Sound card YAMAHA AG03

The studio equipment was used to record lectures on the Python programming language in English: