• Ученість — солодкий плід гіркого коріння.

  • Доклади серця свого до навчання і вуха свої до розумних слів

  • Вчись не для того, щоб знати більше, а для того, щоб знати краще.

  • Важлива не кількість знань, а якість їх.

  • Є тільки одне благо - знання й тільки одне зло - неуцтво.

  • Єдиний шлях, що веде до знання, - це діяльність.

  • Бич людини - це уявлюване знання.

  • Знання - сила.

  • Знання - знаряддя, а не ціль.

  • Запам'ятовувати вміє той, хто вміє бути уважним.

Донбаська державна
машинобудівна академія

Seminar on the results of the training at the Erasmus + BIOART project at Krakow Polytechnic University


On September 26, 2018, a training seminar was held at the Krakow Polytechnic University (Krakow, Poland) on the Erasmus + BIOART project. The seminar was attended by teachers of the departments of the faculty of machine automation and information technology. The participants listened with interest to the report of the Head of the Computer and information technology department, Professor Aleksandr Tarasov on the topic "Principles of curriculum development and work programs for the specialization of computer science in medicine". The report examines in detail the competencies required for students, new disciplines of specialization, their attachment to the departments of the faculty, as well as the use of modules developed by the project partners from universities in other countries. An assessment of the work done in the preparation and implementation of specialization disciplines was also made. The speaker paid special attention to the creation of biomechanics and bioelectronic devices and modeling laboratories for which equipment purchase is planned at the expense of the Project. The list of equipment was developed by teachers of the departments of Computer and information technology and Manufacturing processes and automation engineering and was agreed with colleagues from other universities during the training.


Report of the Head of the Computer and information technology Department, Professor Aleksandr Tarasov


The lecturers of the departments of the Faculty of Machine Automation and Information Technology are presented

Further the report "Biomedical Materials" was made by Assistant Professor of the Department of CIT, Doctor of Technical Sciences Eduard Gribkov. The participants were acquainted with the classification of implant materials, their applications and characteristics, the peculiarities of the behavior, as well as modern processing methods. The technique of researches of mechanical characteristics of materials with consideration of features of operation is considered. Highlighted issues that need to be considered when teaching disciplines in this field.


Report of the Associate Professor of the Department of Computer and information technology, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Eduard Gribkov

After that, the senior lecturer of the department Aleksandr Altukhov made reports "Nanostructures and Nanocapsules" and "Computer Modeling of Multifaceted Models in Biomechanics." The first report looks at the history of nanotechnology, approaches to obtaining nanomaterials. The main material of the report showed perspective areas and principles of nanotechnology application in medicine. The second report considered the approaches to the calculation of the force parameters (forces, moments) that occur in the joints of a person under loads. The simplified model of a knee joint of the person which is obtained by replacement of firm and soft fabrics by rigid and elastic connections is demonstrated.


Report of the senior lecturer of the Department Aleksandr Altukhov